Every Moment

Every Moment (2023)

Every Moment is a generative algorithm that aims to capture the feeling of fleeting moments in one's life. Geometry follows a central curving line that bisects the artwork, matching the ups and downs. This composition represents a timeline through which the pieces are all journeying through. Each piece then becomes a moment, some high, some low, each adding to the color of one's history.

The project combines geometric shapes and patterns commonly found in James's artwork with 35mm film effects.

Every Moment was released as a 1/1 NFT for Unit London's "Building Blocks" exhibit on April 12th, 2023.

Outline View


Creating geometry in generative art can often lead to increased complexity in the program and the visual output. It also tends to create rigid and angular forms. I sought to break these outcomes in Every Moment by balancing simplicity and fluidity in the algorithm. Elements are deformed by a curve that flows across the entire composition. This central line controls everything from the position to the geometry's size and deformation.

A few years ago, I adopted the hobby of amateur photography. At first, I sought the highest quality, sharpest, most color-accurate camera and lenses available. I bought a lightweight tripod, tracked the sunrise and sunset, and trekked to remote places to get the perfect shot at the perfect time of the perfect subject. I would indiscriminately take hundreds of photos, then post-process them to remove all blemishes and flawlessly tune the lighting and color.

I realized that my favorite photos were the lucky ones I snapped at a particular moment and not the perfect shots I painstakingly set up.

Around the same time, I discovered the thriving analog photography community. It was comprised of photographers who used vintage cameras to capture images on film. Often, a margin for error exists, and the resulting photos are a combination of settings that aren't easily reproducible. Photos tend to feel unique and have a particular nostalgic feeling.

The act of taking a photo changes once you transition to analog photography. At most, you have around 36 attempts (or exposures) to capture your images. This constraint tends to create a much stronger commitment to the moment because you cannot take hundreds of photos in quick succession. It is also freeing because there is no instant replay to review the shot. Your photos have to be developed in a darkroom before you get a glimpse at what they contain.

Every Moment seeks to incorporate this feeling of imperfection in the algorithm by borrowing specific film attributes. With 35mm photography, an emphasis is often placed on being in the moment and capturing a nostalgic view of your life.